Donna Boyle

The EPS conference team continues to impress! Whether in person or virtual conferences, they’re always coming up with unique and creative opportunities for vendors and attendees to accomplish their event goals. The continuity of their preparation and communication makes it simple for vendors to juggle various events and many deliverables. You can count on the team to guide you through the event process for optimal results.

Rich Niemiec

Event Planning Solutions continues to be the “best of the best” for both in-person and virtual conferences. They consistently attract the best speakers for conferences because speakers and vendors know that things will be well-organized, expertly run, with excellent communications.

Viscosity North America
Katrina Shallahamer

Event Planning Solutions is one of the best event organizers out there. I’ve been to many conferences, and the ones they facilitate are so well organized, and personal attention is given to all the details. Their staff is well versed in all aspects of running a conference for any organization and is a joy to work with. They take their work seriously, especially in giving personal attention to their clients and vendors. I highly recommend them to any group that needs a professionally run conference.

OraPub, Inc.
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